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   Hangzhou sung Kim wheel manufacturing co., LTDRelying on the powerful human resources and financial strength,Introduction of advanced production equipment at home and abroad,From the design、Development、Manufacturing to sales as one,Specializing in the production of forklift、A car、Rims of truck and special vehicles。Enterprise idea:The customer is supreme,Quality first,Mutual benefit,Common development;Values:Oneself first,After work。The company's products through three system demonstration,Establish and improve the detection system,Standardized operation,To ensure high quality。The company has advanced production and processing equipment,First of all by the large punch、The hydraulic press for blanking circle round,Then the butt welding、Scraping the slag、Higher compression molding、2 shielded welding welding and other advanced production equipment,Firm welding seam is flat and level,Achieve industry standards issued by the ministry of national quality。Stamping and buried solitary welding production process:Using professional mold、Stamping、Enlarge higher one-time molding welding smooth reach or exceed industry inspection standard,Through the three system demonstration,Capable of producing......


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Hangzhou sung Kim wheel manufacturing co., LTD

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Address:Linan district, hangzhou city, zhejiang province wang qingshan lake street road5Number