Ningbo resistant composite material co., LTD,The port city, the triangle economic and technological development zone,The total investment500Thousands of dollars,Annual production of modified nylon composite materials20000(Two thousands)Tons。After years of unremitting efforts,Exalt innovation flag,Lead the industry in the future,We walked out of the resistance to the development of a unique way,To become a collection development、Production、The sale in a body comprehensive enterprise。
   The company USES the advanced mixing evenly、High stability、High yield of double screw of a complete set of imported production equipment,Specializing in the production of super toughening cold resistant level、Super toughening glass fiber reinforcement、Glass fiber reinforcement、Fire prevention level、Fire glass fiber reinforced level etc series products。
   We summarize resistance to Taipei head office20Years of production、Marketing experience,In line with quality first business philosophy,At the beginning of the factory to fully introduce surface hardness tester、Universal tester、A projector、Electronic balance、Plastic melt index tester、The thermal deformation temperature tester、Spectral instrument,Fire resistant test meter and a series of sophisticated detection equipment,And built a considerable size of the physical and chemical testing center,For ray resistance products of high quality provides the most powerful guarantee。
   In order to grab the commanding heights of the market competition,Resistance to company a fortune to add the production lines,In order to achieve high productivity、High quality、High efficiency“Three high”Production mode,Further promote the process of the development of the company,The product quality completely can be comparable to similar products at home and abroad。Adhere to the first-class quality,It is resistant to solemn promise to the customers at home and abroad!We have successfully passed the resistanceISO9001:2000Quality management system certification、The United StatesULCertification and the EuropeanSGS、TUVSuch as environmental protection certification,Product exports have created favorable conditions for the customer……

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